A Knives Out Mystery’ Director Rian Johnson Suggests New Subtitle For Next Installment – Deadline

Director Rian Johnson expressed his regret over Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery having the title of the first installment in the sequel. The filmmaker wanted the film saga to stand alone and would’ve liked it if there wasn’t a reference to the previous movie.

With a third film confirmed, Johnson is giving the marketing team suggestions as to what could be the subtitle of the next installment and wants it to namedrop the lead character’s name.

“The thing is, though, I totally get it. It’s not like this was done against my will or something. I completely understand it,” Johnson told The Filmcast. “Because after the first movie, I think people knew that they liked Knives Out [but] they didn’t necessarily know it well enough to know who Benoit Blanc was. I think that would’ve gotten blank stars. And I wanted everyone who loved Knives Out to know that [Glass Onion] is the next one of those. So I absolutely 100% was on board and totally got it that we had to do that.”

Johnson continued, “It kills me a little bit and I want to see how quickly we can lose that subtitle. As soon as we can get past those and get to ‘A Benoit Blanc Mystery’ … and I will say, with this one, with the reach of Netflix and just how many more people I feel like have seen it and how much more it feels like it’s actually in the culture, we’re at least getting closer to being able to get away with ‘A Benoit Blanc Mystery’ and people would know what we’re talking about.”

Benoit Blanc, a famous detective, is played by Daniel Craig and is the only character that ties Knives Out and Glass Onion together.

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