Arizona primary 2022: Live election coverage

What’s new the day after Arizona’s primary election?

The governor’s race is still up for grabs, along with several others. Additional results were expected to be released Wednesday, along with more details about issues at polling places.

Follow coverage of the 2022 primary election by Arizona Republic reporters throughout the day.

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3:30 p.m.: Cooper leads Wheeless in 4th Congressional District

Kelly Cooper is maintaining his lead over Tanya Wheeless in the 4th Congressional District.

While the race has not been called, 97% of precincts have reported their results.

— Tara Kavaler

2:30 p.m.: Lake declares herself Republican nominee for governor

Kari Lake spoke to reporters at about noon Wednesday and declared herself the Republican nominee for governor, though the race had not been officially called. At the time, Lake held the lead in the race and ballots dropped off Tuesday were still being counted.  

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