Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman Recall Their ‘Arranged’ Teen Romance

drew Barrymore reunited with her old teenage lover, corey feldman.

The Goonies star, 51, recently appeared on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, where the two took a walk down memory lane, opening up about their past relationship.

The duo had a lot to discuss, as they hadn’t seen each other in about 25 years, after initially meeting when Feldman was between 12 and 13 and Barrymore was either 10 or 11.

The two opened up about how they first met, and Feldman spilled that the renowned director, Steven Spielberg–Barrymore’s godfather–had something to do with their first date.

“What happened was I got a call one day,” the actor said, jogging Barrymore’s memory of the events. “My grandmother says, ‘We got a call from Steven [Spielberg’s] office, and the little girl from ET wants to meet you because she’s got a crush on you.’ “

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“Oh yeah, I did… the biggest. But everyone did!” she stated. Feldman said his grandparents and Barrymore’s mom set them up on a playdate to see a movie.

“Of course, neither of us drove because I was still living at my grandparents’, and you were living with your mom,” Feldman said, to which Barrymore added, “years away from getting our licenses.”


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