Eddie Murphy Reveals The Classic Scene He Filmed That Helped Him Realize He Had ‘Arrived’ In Show Business

Eddie Murphy has been a Hollywood staple for four decades and multiple classic films under his belt. When it comes to the moment that Murphy truly “arrived” in Hollywood as an entertainer, you can point to a number of periods of time. Some viewers would say his tremendous tenure of him on Saturday night Live It was quite crucial to his career, while other fans would say his breakthrough performance in 1982’s 48 hours. While those were monumental, Murphy didn’t feel like he arrived in entertainment until much later. The comedy legend revealed a classic scene helped him realize he had “arrived” in show business.

The Oscar-nominated actor’s rise isn’t typical for stars, as viewers watched him go from a starring on a weekly TV series to headlining box-office hits. Though if you ask the actor, Eddie Murphy’s “made-it” moment didn’t happen until he shot the 1996 cult classic The Nutty Professor, which might be coming back with or without Murphy. The snl alum spoke to CinemaBlend about the classic scene from the comedy that made him feel like a true Hollywood superstar:

Nutty Professor, when I was everybody around the table. I was like, ‘Hey, look, I am everybody at this table. I have arrived, I have arrived. I’m everybody? I have arrived.’

Screenshot of Eddie Murphy as Sherman Klump in The Nutty Professor

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

It’s surprising to hear that the Klump family dinner sequence was the moment Eddie Murphy felt like he had arrived. The box office star had done similar work in another classic, Coming to Americabut had done multiple characters alongside co-star Arsenio Hall. The Nutty Professor marked the first time he was tackling multiple characters solo in one movie. Viewers loved seeing the family scene, and it was definitely Murphy at his best of him. The scene is one of his most quoted ones among fans, who still recite lines to this day. His performance of the Klumps was so popular that it led to a sequel that had the titular brood as the subtitle.

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