Eminem’s Former Bodyguard Reveals Why The Rapper Is ‘Terrified’ Of His Ex-Wife, Kim Scott

Eminem’s rocky relationship with his ex-wife, Kim Scott, has been a frequent topic in pop culture news.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, first met Scott when they were teenagers in high school.

After Scott and her twin sister, Dawn, ran away from home, the two moved in with Eminem and his mother, where he and Scott began a romantic relationship.

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They welcomed their daughter, Hailie Jade, in 1995, before getting married four years later, in 1999.

However, by 2001, the couple had divorced.

Scott and Eminem briefly rekindled their relationship and were married once more in January 2006, though, the rapper later filed for divorce in early April of the same year.

The former couple has often gone back and forth throughout the years, but according to one of Eminem’s former employees, it seems he was apparently fearful around his ex-wife.

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