Hurlock Experiences Recent Car Theft And Ransacking | Latest News

HURLOCK, Md. – Items from unlocked cars are being stolen and police in Hurlock is now on high alert.

According to neighbors cars on streets like Charles St. and Academy St. are targeted the most.

Hurlock Police say 12 vehicles were ransacked over 11 straight days in Oct. Then the crimes became less frequent.

But last week, Police say two more cars were ransacked and one was stolen.

Neighbors like Sarah Korisher have had enough. “Yes, it does concern me. We’ve had a lot of foot traffic around here. It’s been people that I don’t know and more kids going up and down the street. Most of the time they don’t bother anybody. But, I think they’re just kind of checking out a neighborhood or just walking,” says Korisher.

Rebekah Cheesman says her father’s car was stolen a year ago. With this latest crime spree, she’s making it a habit to lock her car from her.

“It was stolen out of the driveway. The most recent thing is we always lock our cars and one night my dad forgot to. They rummaged through his truck and stole the money and loose change that he had in there. We all just made it “A point to make sure that we lock our vehicles at night. I even lock mine a couple of extra times from inside the house at night just to make sure it’s locked,” says Cheesman.

And neighbors are not taking any chances.

“You’ve got your cars outside. They tell you at the town meetings to ‘lock them up’. If you have change in the change department, take it out because that’s what they’re looking for,” says Nancy Jones.

Hurlock Police tell us they’re taking to social media. They’re urging those in the community to remember to lock their cars, turn on porch lights, and report any such activity immediately.


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