Jets Practice Report | Zach Wilson Is Red-Hot in Red-Zone Period

The first-team offense had been struggling to score in the red zone recently. Until Wednesday.

QB Zach Wilson, in a red-zone period, completed two passes for touchdowns — one to TE Tyler Conklin off play action and the other in the back of the end zone on a rope to WR Elijah Moore.

“I think where a lot of times things sometimes get skewed is down in the red zone, which is always the hardest part for a quarterback because things happen faster, especially for a young man,” HC Robert Saleh said. “I think the highlight today would be in the red zone where I thought he operated fast. Everything is faster down there. A lot of times he’s having a really nice day and then we get into the red zone and then he hits a lull.

“Yesterday, he moved the ball, gets the red zone (but didn’t score]. It’s those red-zone periods that have been the sticking point for him. Today, he was fast, he was deliberate, he got rid of the ball. He got to his second read on the one to Elijah Moore. Thought he did a really nice job.”

The second and third teams couldn’t find the end zone in the period as the defense tightened the screws. DE Hamilcar Rashed Jr. had a run stuff on Zonovan Knight, Joe Flacco couldn’t connect with TE Lawrence Cager and WR Calvin Jackson put the offense on the 1-yard line, but the group couldn’t punch it in. Practice ended with a big hit from LB Kai Nacua on Knight in the flat and the defense erupted in celebration.

“It was see-ball-hit-ball mentality,” said LB Quincy Williams, who’s known for delivering big hits. “No scheme, nothing. Just finish him. I loved it.”

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