Kathy Griffin Roasts Chris Pine For Skipping Jimmy Kimmel

Just this week, Chris Pine has missed out two promotional appearances for Don’t Worry Darling, which has been looked at in a notably messy publicity tour. First, Pine did not show up for the New York premiere, which he smoothed over by sending a pre-taped video message. A day later, I backed out of an interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live. That last one caused Kimmel to bring in Kathy Griffin as a last-minute replacement, and if Pine was hoping to avoid more Don’t Worry Darling drama, well, that plan backfired.

As soon as Griffin sat down with Kimmel, she immediately blew up Pine’s spot and brought up the now-infamous fiasco over whether or not Harry Styles spit on him at the Venice Film Festival. Via TheDailyBeast:

“Let’s not BS the audience. I’m here, as usual, because a more famous person fell out.”

“But get this, it was Chris Pine, who Harry Styles spit on!” she continued. “So he doesn’t want to be here and get this one giving him the questions,” Griffin added, referring to Kimmel. “The reason you called me is you know, I’ve been spit on my whole career,” she said, joking that she was even spit on by Harry Styles once: “But I asked him to.”

According to Page Six, Pine had to skip the New York premiere because he’s busy filming in Los Angeles, which makes sense. Granted, Kimmel films in Los Angeles, but there has been an uptick in COVID cases in the area, so perhaps, Pine and his current production of him are erring on the side of caution. Or Griffin called it, and he doesn’t want to answer questions about Styles spitting on him. Why not both?

(via The Daily Beast)


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