Who inherits Queen Elizabeth’s clothes, jewels after her death?

Queen Elizabeth’s $447 million fortune is set to be split among members of her family following her death earlier this month at the age of 96. But royal watchers are wondering what will happen to her huge collection of clothing and jewelry. The monarch was famed for her classic sense of style, wearing colorful coordinated … Read more

Queen was ‘exhausted’ by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘turmoil’

The Queen was “hurt” and “exhausted” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to quit royal life and the ensuing drama they caused. The late monarch — who died at age 96 on Sept. 8 — reportedly confided to a friend that “she was exhausted by the turmoil of their decision,” writes royal scribe, Katie … Read more

William and Harry’s hidden step-siblings joined royals at Queen’s funeral

The first divorcee to become Queen Consort certainly had a life before the throne. Fans of the royal family have been well-acquainted with the late Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren for decades. But now that King Charles III is head of state, there are a few other royal offspring moving into the spotlight. His wife Camilla’s … Read more

Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

These modern-day doh-racles may be getting undue credit. As if “The Simpsons” didn’t predict enough events, the clairvoyant comedy cartoon is now being credited with divining the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, whose highly publicized funeral was held Monday at Westminster Abbey. Videos depicting the Matt Groening-created series’ alleged celebrity death forecast are amassing … Read more

Spider spotted atop Queen Elizabeth II’s casket at funeral

One lucky spider got a prime viewing spot for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday. While the monarch’s casket made its way down Westminster Abbey, a tiny sider appeared on the card that accompanied King Charles III’s floral tribute to his late mother. One Twitter user dubbed the spider as “royal,” while another delightedly noted, … Read more

King Charles leaves touching note on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

King Charles III, rife with grief and newfound responsibility, fought back tears at the funeral of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II — after adorning her coffin with a touching personalized note. The new monarch wrote a short message that was attached to the bouquet atop the Queen’s coffin, saying “In loving and devoted memory. Charles … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II latest: World leaders head to London for funeral

LONDON — US President Joe Biden paid his respects at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin on Sunday as thousands of police, hundreds of British troops and an army of officials made final preparations for the queen’s state funeral – a spectacular display of national mourning that will also be the biggest gathering of world leaders for … Read more

King Charles III plans to cut Prince Harry, Andrew as official stand-ins

King Charles III is tidying up the royal house. UK’s newly anointed monarch is reportedly planning to amend the law on who can fill in for him if he’s incapacitated. “The move would see the Duke of York, the Duke of Sussex and Princess Beatrice all relieved of their duties as official stand-ins for the … Read more

Full timeline and what to expect

Queen Elizabeth II will finally be laid to rest on Monday — a funeral that’s been meticulously planned for decades and is expected to be the most-watched live event in TV history. After 10 days of tributes and ceremonies, King Charles III and his royal family will lead a final, all-day, pomp-filled sendoff involving three … Read more

Queen Consort Camilla in ‘quite a lot of pain’ after breaking toe

Queen Consort Camilla reportedly has been in “quite a bit of pain” from breaking her toe earlier this month before Queen Elizabeth II died. A source told The Telegraph on Thursday that although she’s been in pain, she’s “just getting on with it.” “It is unfortunate timing to say the least but she’s been an … Read more