Tony Gilroy Talks Post-Credits Scene, Season 2

picture: lucasfilm It doesn’t feel like that long ago that the idea of ​​Diego Luna’s Rogue One characters Cassian Andor getting a solo series felt strange. But over the past two months and change, Andor has proven itself to be a pretty great show. Not just “great for Star Wars,” but legitimately great in a … Read more

A Perfectly Andor Star Wars Reveal

Andor (Diego Luna) looks towards his future. picture: lucasfilm As the final credits rolled on what has been some of the best Star Wars of all timeyou almost didn’t want to see Andor do anything that might be considered derivative of modern blockbuster entertainment. No big cameos, no huge surprises, just good old-fashioned storytelling. But … Read more

Andor Expertly Balances Storytelling With Star Wars Fan Service

picture: Lucasfilm/Disney As you may know, I’m a big ol’ starwars nerd. And one of my favorite things in starwars media is all the tiny references and Easter eggs embedded everywhere. But sometimes this fan service goes overboard and derails a story in a way that alienates or bores non-fans. Andorthe newest TV show set … Read more

Rogue One is Returning to Theaters Ahead of Andor Release

picture: lucasfilm the next starwars spin off for Disney+ focuses on Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor from the 2016 film Rogue One. Andor helped steal the Empire’s plans for the Death Star and gave them to the Rebels, and his show winds back the clock several years to show how he got involved in the Rebellion. … Read more

Lucasfilm Has Learned the Wrong Star Wars Lessons

screenshot: lucasfilm The most distressing thing about Vanity Fair‘s massive look into the future of starwars isn’t the lack of any new details about the specific future of starwars. It’s that, despite claims to the contrary, I don’t know that lucasfilm has learned anything from the lessons of the sequel trilogy and its TV series, … Read more