A Perfectly Andor Star Wars Reveal

Andor (Diego Luna) looks towards his future. picture: lucasfilm As the final credits rolled on what has been some of the best Star Wars of all timeyou almost didn’t want to see Andor do anything that might be considered derivative of modern blockbuster entertainment. No big cameos, no huge surprises, just good old-fashioned storytelling. But … Read more

Avatar 2 Reportedly Needs $2 Billion to Break Even

screenshot: 20th Century Here’s something you probably don’t want to hear if you’re a high-powered movie executive for Avatar producer 20th Century or their new corporate overlords at Disney: director James Cameron to call his own sequel, The Way of Water, “the worst business case in movie history.” But that’s apparently what he did! According … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 Marketing to Begin on Friday at Empire Magazine

Harrison Ford will be a decade older than this when Indiana Jones 5 is released. picture: lucasfilm This is super embarrassing and I probably shouldn’t admit it, but last night I had a dream about Indiana Jones 5. I dreamed I was watching the new trailer and when I woke up, I was so sure … Read more

Andor Expertly Balances Storytelling With Star Wars Fan Service

picture: Lucasfilm/Disney As you may know, I’m a big ol’ starwars nerd. And one of my favorite things in starwars media is all the tiny references and Easter eggs embedded everywhere. But sometimes this fan service goes overboard and derails a story in a way that alienates or bores non-fans. Andorthe newest TV show set … Read more

The Next Godzilla Movie is Called Godzilla and Kong

picture: Warner Bros. JK Simmons is Santa in Dwayne Johnson’s RedOne. batman‘s HBO Max spinoff for the Penguin will be set after the events of the movie. Plus, what’s coming on star girl, American Horror Story: NYC, and more. Spoiler now! Godzilla and Kong Crew gear spotted on the set of Godzilla vs. Kong 2 … Read more

Andor Season 2 Drew Inspiration From a Mystery Summer Film

What movie is he talking about, Cassian?picture: lucasfilm three weeks still remain in Andor season one but the creation of season two is well underway. He’s showrunner Tony Gilroy and his team are hard at work getting ready to film the show’s final 12 episodes—and in a new interview, the man behind rogue one and … Read more

Andy Serkis Talks Kino Loy, Coming Back to Star Wars

picture: Disney/Lucasfilm Over the past month and a half, Andor has proven itself to be a pretty excellent show, and its cast is a big reason why. In each arc thus far, Cassian (Diego Luna) has drawn in a variety of different characters into his often chaotic orbit who are, like him, trying to get … Read more

All movies premiering between now and the end of 2022

(Clockwise from bottom left:) Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (John Wilson/Netflix), Avatar: The Way Of Water (Walt Disney Studios), Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (courtesy of Marvel Studios), The Fabelmans (Merie Weismiller Wallace/Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment)graphics: The AV Club Even if we didn’t have Wakanda Forever and Glass Onions coming our way this winter, … Read more

Henry Cavill on Keeping His Superman Hopes Alive Over the Years

picture: Warner Bros./DC Comics That Henry Cavill is return to superman after technically five years still feels pretty fresh, even though it’s been about two weeks since the news officially broke. Since he finally broke the news, he’s made clear that he wants to come back as a more joyful Man of Steel, and his … Read more

Disney CEO Suggests Adults Don’t Like Animated Films, Is Wrong

Disney movies. Strictly for kids. picture: pixar Hit movies aren’t hits because only one specific audience goes to see them. They’re hits because all audiences go to see them. So to say any one genre is only for a certain demographics is already shockingly reductive. to say that when the history and existence of your … Read more