Why onions are ‘hot commodity’ for smugglers in Philippines

This household staple cost more in the Philippines than anywhere else, experts say. Photo from Paul Teysen via Unsplash Authorities in the Philippines busted numerous smugglers attempting to bring an everyday staple food into the country. The item has become a “hot commodity” as domestic prices arise, according to Filipino officials. At markets in the … Read more

How to Watch HBO Max’s Hidden ‘Yule Log’ Horror Movie

screenshot: Adult Swim Yule Log/HBO Max you know those yule log videos that are popular around the holidays? There’s a new one available for streaming on HBO Max, but rather than a static shot of some logs burning against an aural backdrop of cheesy Christmas music, this yule log holds a deliciously evil secret: a … Read more

Fight to curb food waste is increasingly turning to science | Latest News

Hate mealy apples and soggy french fries? Science can help. Restaurants, grocers, farmers and food companies are increasingly turning to chemistry and physics to tackle the problem of food waste. Some are testing spray-on peels or chemically enhanced sachets that can slow the ripening process in fruit. Others are developing digital sensors that can tell … Read more

Food Bank of Delaware Hosting Drive-Thru Mobile Pantries in December | Latest News

NEWARK, Del. – In advance of the holidays, the Food Bank of Delaware will hold three large drive-thru mobile pantries next week. The first one is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 12 starting at 10 am at Crossroad Community Church in Georgetown. The Food Bank of Delaware requests that participants make sure their trunks or back … Read more

Courteney Cox Shows Fans How ‘Real’ New Yorkers Eat Pizza in Instagram Clip

Courtney Cox is giving social media users a step-by-step tutorial on how to eat pizza the “New York way.” The 58-year-old actress is full of shenanigans in her latest Instagram video. In the clip, Cox showcased how to eat pizza the “proper” way when you’re from the Big Apple. “A lot of people that are … Read more

How long will your Halloween candy last and when is it time to toss it?

If you’re hoping to ration and save your Halloween candy, it’s important to know when it’s past its prime. A candy’s age typically just affects its taste. But some — like anything with fruit or nuts — can actually turn moldy. How long a candy lasts depends on its ingredients. For most sugar-based candy, it … Read more

Russia Moves to Pull Out of Ukraine Grain Deal After Blasts Hit Crimean Port

Russia said Saturday that it would suspend participation in the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports, in response to an attack on the occupied Black Sea port of Sevastopol that it blamed on the government of Ukraine. The Defense Ministry said in a statement published on Telegram that ships of the Black Sea Fleet … Read more

Dan Churchill: Celebrity chef reveals how to make the perfect brownies using one VERY surprising 

The secret to the PERFECT chocolate brownies: Celebrity chef reveals how to make his famous treats using a VERY unusual ingredient Dan Churchill has shocked fans by adding black beans to his brownies The celebrity chef believes the beans are the best secret ingredient for brownies The former Master Chef contestant says the beans keep … Read more

Anthony Bourdain’s unrealized dream comes to life

Anthony Bourdain traveled the world, ate everything from silkworm larvae soup in Seoul to seal eyes in Quebec, and broke bread with presidents and prime ministers. But he had one remarkable food dream that was never realized: opening a global market. In 2013, I first met with Singapore food expert KF Seetoh about working together … Read more

Cheez-It Releases Collector’s Boxes That Are A Must-Have for Reality TV Fans

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of reality TV, Cheez-It just announced it would release brand new collectors boxes! Since the first reality TV show launched back in 1992, fans have been munching on Cheez-Its, and now the brand is allowing fans to enjoy their most beloved snack while celebrating one of their favorite reality … Read more