Keanu Reeves on What’s to Come in John Wick’s Ballerina Spinoff

Lionsgate and Keanu Reeves’ john wick series is taking its first big leap for franchisekind with two spinoffs. One will be a TV show focused on the Continental that’s served as a base of operations for John and his surrogate dad Winston (as played by Ian McShane), while the other is a film centered on … Read more

Knights of the Zodiac’s 2023 Film Gets Its First Trailer

picture: Sony/Toei Animation Though we fairly recently had a live action adaptation of cowboy bebopit still feels like it’s been awhile since there’s been a big live-action adaptation of a beloved anime to be watched. Plenty have announcedto be fair, but many of them are quite a ways off, if they ever get made at … Read more

James Cameron Weighs In On When To Pee During His Lengthy ‘Avatar’ Sequel

“Avatar” director James Cameron isn’t holding back on how long moviegoers should be holding it in during his three-hour-plus sequel to his 2009 sci-fi epic. Cameron, whose previous “Avatar” movie is the highest-grossing film of all time, weighed in on the length of his upcoming movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” during an interview with … Read more

Andor Was Ready to Drop Star Wars’ First F-Bomb

screenshot: lucasfilm One thing that always confused me about Andor was why Fiona Shaw—a Shakespearean actor extraordinaire and multiple award-winning star of stage, screen, and TV—would have accepted the small, muted role of Maarva Andor, Cassian’s adoptive mother. That is, until I saw the series finalewhere Shaw’s massive talents were put to perfect use—well, almost … Read more

Antonio Banderas Teases His Indiana Jones 5 Cameo Role

picture: lucasfilm Jon Kasdan talks about the importance of the Willow RPG and ghostbusters 2 to the new series. Jeffrey Dean Morgan teases his arrival of him on The Boys. Plus, Terry Matalas talks about making Picard‘s final season feel even more like Star Trek: The Next Generation. To me, my spoilers! Indiana Jones 5 … Read more

Disappointing Tim Burton Netflix Series

picture: Netflix while Tim Burton’s wednesday certainly attempts to imitate the aesthetic of the ’90s addams family films, the surrounding plot and characters of Netflix’s newest teen drama fails to capture the morbid charm of Charles Addams’ gothic family. The eight-episode Netflix series follows Wednesday (scream‘s Jenna Ortega) as she attempts to solve a grisly … Read more

Rian Johnson on Knives Out’s Franchise Future, Avoiding Fatigue

picture: Netflix When the original Knives Out Released in 2019, it received such a strong, mostly positive reaction that it wasn’t a surprise when a follow up was eventually announced. Glass Onion, which recently began its one-week theatrical run before it goes to Netflix on December 23is the first of two Knives Out sequels that … Read more

Wakanda Forever EP Confirms Namor Won’t Get a Solo Story

picture: Marvel Studios Before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever released in theaters and became a juggernaut in the way most marvel movies do, there was plenty of anticipation to see how the film would handle Namor the Sub-Mariner. Now that the film has come out, the character’s received a new surge of attention thanks to his … Read more

Tony Gilroy Talks Post-Credits Scene, Season 2

picture: lucasfilm It doesn’t feel like that long ago that the idea of ​​Diego Luna’s Rogue One characters Cassian Andor getting a solo series felt strange. But over the past two months and change, Andor has proven itself to be a pretty great show. Not just “great for Star Wars,” but legitimately great in a … Read more

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

screenshot: lucasfilm So much has happened to the Star Wars franchise in the last 14 years that it can be difficult to remember that the new canon actually began with Dave Filoni’s Clone Wars cartoon. It was retroactively added into Disney’s new Star Wars stories by virtue of being a pretty good show helmeted by … Read more