Washington sees OPEC+ planned oil production cuts as political: Yergin

Washington sees OPEC+’s decision to slash oil production by more than 2 million barrels a day as political interference and a “blow” against US President Joe Biden, said Dan Yergin, vice chair of S&P Global. On Wednesday, the group of some of the world’s most powerful oil producers agreed to impose deep output cuts to … Read more

Biden administration scales back student loan forgiveness plan as states sue

Washington CNN — The Biden administration scaled back eligibility for its student loan forgiveness plan Thursday, the same day six Republican-led states sued President Joe Biden in an effort to block his student loan forgiveness plan from taking effect. Borrowers whose federal student loans are guaranteed by the government but held by private lenders will … Read more

Jackie Walorski: Biden asks if deceased congresswoman is present at White House food insecurity conference

CNN — President Joe Biden on Wednesday asked if a congresswoman who died last month was present at a White House food insecurity conference. At the event, the White House’s first hunger conference since 1969, Biden took a moment during his remarks to credit a list of bipartisan elected officials. All of the officials he … Read more

Biden tells Floridians to heed warnings over Hurricane Ian: ‘The danger is real’

CNN — President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned Florida residents to heed precautions and listen to officials as the “incredibly dangerous” Hurricane Ian barrels toward the Sunshine State. “This storm is incredibly dangerous, to state the obvious. It’s life-threatening. You should obey all warnings and directions from emergency officials. Don’t take anything for granted. Use … Read more

The U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen fire an M777 howitzer, Kharkiv Region, northeastern Ukraine. This photo cannot be distributed in the Russian Federation. Vyacheslav Madiyevskyi | Future Publishing | Getty Images In the US weapons industry, the normal production level for artillery rounds for the 155 millimeter howitzer — a long-range heavy artillery weapon currently used on the battlefields … Read more

John Oliver Believes Queen Elizabeth II Is in Hell Looking Up at Princess Diana

When we last heard from John Oliver, the British comic (who has American citizenship) stopped by Seth Meyers’ show to poke fun at the UK’s “10 days in forced mourning” for late monarch Queen Elizabeth II—something he’d also done on his Emmy-winning HBO series Last Week Tonightwith some digs at King Charles III and Prime … Read more

Putin’s nuclear threats raise the risk of disaster

Speaking in a rare, televised address on Wednesday, Putin warned that if the territorial integrity of Russia is threatened, the Kremlin would “certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It is not a bluff.” Gavril Grigorov | Afp | Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimatum to the … Read more

Hot mic catches South Korean leader swearing about US lawmakers

CNN — A criticism of US lawmakers by the President of South Korea has gone viral on social media – after a hot mic picked him up using an expletive. Yoon Suk Yeol appears to have made the remark after meeting US President Joe Biden at a conference for the Global Fund in New York … Read more

HBO’s ‘Escape From Kabul’ Documentary Goes Inside the Afghanistan Evacuation From Hell

A year later, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is still a blur. For those of us watching from Afar, the hasty airlifts looked more like the climax of a war movie than a coordinated military operation by the world’s only superpower. The month of August 2021 was filled with minute-to-minute updates on the chaos: the … Read more

Queen’s 8 grandchildren hold silent vigil beside her coffin

LONDON (AP) — All eight of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren stood in silent vigil beside her coffin Saturday, capping another huge day in which thousands came to pay their respects. Mourners huddled in a line that snaked across London, enduring the city’s coldest night in months and waits that stretched up to 16 hours. Authorities … Read more