Who inherits Queen Elizabeth’s clothes, jewels after her death?

Queen Elizabeth’s $447 million fortune is set to be split among members of her family following her death earlier this month at the age of 96. But royal watchers are wondering what will happen to her huge collection of clothing and jewelry. The monarch was famed for her classic sense of style, wearing colorful coordinated … Read more

Anthony Bourdain’s unrealized dream comes to life

Anthony Bourdain traveled the world, ate everything from silkworm larvae soup in Seoul to seal eyes in Quebec, and broke bread with presidents and prime ministers. But he had one remarkable food dream that was never realized: opening a global market. In 2013, I first met with Singapore food expert KF Seetoh about working together … Read more

Getting a tattoo can now be painless — and without needles

Those with phobias of needles can now get tattoos without having to worry. Scientists have developed a way to get a permanent tattoo without going under the needle and suffering through hours of pain. The new technology is in the form of a skin patch that has microneedles smaller than grains of sand. While it … Read more

‘Kardashian’ cop has people begging to be arrested after viral video

Baby got back-up. A French policewoman who collared the infamous “mutilator dentist” has Twitter in a tizzy over her “Kim Kardashian” derriere — with some begging her to handcuff them instead. A now-viral video of the voluptuous officer boasts 1.7 million views on Twitter. The bootylicious cop went viral amid the ongoing court case involving … Read more

NYC nightlife barons hike membership fees in battle for A-listers

Velvet ropes and beefy bouncers are getting replaced by increasingly stiff membership fees as Big Apple nightclubs battle over exclusivity and big-name guests. Richie Akiva — who made his name launching the chic eatery Butter in 2002 and the celebrity mecca 1OAK in 2007 — was enlisted to curate, run and eventually expand the recently … Read more

Laura Henshaw deliberately initiates sex when husband Dalton is tired

A fitness influencer has revealed one of her “sex secrets” to make her relationship appeared balanced when it comes to what happens in the bedroom. Laura Henshaw revealed she attempts to initiate sex with her husband, Dalton, when he is exhausted. On Keep It Cleaner’s podcast, of which Laura is a co-founder with Steph Claire … Read more

Chelsea Clinton slams ex-pal Ivanka Trump’s ‘dark side’

Chelsea Clinton has blasted Ivanka Trump, saying she hasn’t spoken to her former friend since she “crossed to the dark side” almost six years ago. Chelsea, 42, made the revelation in an interview on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Thursday night, where she was joined by mom, Hillary, 74. “I would say we … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s biggest royal snubs and disses

Prim and proper could describe the public’s perception of Queen Elizabeth during her well-regarded 70-year reign. “For Charles and the Queen, their lives were quite literally their jobs. Every move they made, every smile or raised eyebrow, every relationship made or severed, was seen as part of their defining function: simply to be the royal … Read more

Where Queen Elizabeth’s dogs and horses will go after her death

They were her most faithful friends to the very end. As one of the UK’s most famous animal lovers, Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with her Corgis was probably her least complicated. She loved them and they loved her. Now, after her death from her Thursday at age 96, there is a question about who will look … Read more

Inside Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana’s complicated relationship

Most of us think we know about Princess Diana’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth — who passed away Thursday at age 96 — from what we see in “The Crown”: Diana the lonely outcast, out of her depth and drowning in royal pomp; watching helplessly as her heartless husband continues his extramarital affair and the cold … Read more