Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel Chooses Between Johnny and Allie, and Kristen — and Rolf Steal Jake’s Body

At Chanel’s, Allie and Johnny urges rambling Chanel to, “Just tell us.” Chanel makes them promise what she’s about to say won’t come between them. They promise to act like grownups — just tell them! She loves them both, but the person she hopes to be with for the rest of her life is… Allie. … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: Robert Scott Wilson’s Alex Kiriakis Returns, and Jake Dies

At the Pub, Justin meets Steve who shows him an online article about Orpheus going free. Steve wonders if he plans to go after Orpheus for killing Adrienne. Orpheus appears wondering the same thing. He sits down, explaining he didn’t intend to hurt Adrienne. Justin reminds him he ran her off the road and framed … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: Bo Revies Tripp After He Dies; Lucas Returns

John and Eric rush out of the church after a possessed Tripp flings himself out the window. Allie comes to and looks to Marlena and Johnny, wondering why she’s at a church. Johnny gently tells her she was possessed. She recalls hearing Tripp’s voice and asks where he is. Marlena shakes her head at Johnny. … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Believes Xander Is Renee’s Husband

At the DiMera mansion, JoDevil prepares for the shareholders’ and hears “Johnny Angel”’s voice. Johnny won’t let JoDevil hurt anyone else he loves. JoDevil scoffs. He’s not John and Marlena. There’s no one he loves enough to force the devil out of his body. Johnny disagrees. Their argument is interrupted by a call from Gabi. … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Resurfaces in a Deserted DiMera Mansion, Just as Xander Proposes to Gwen

From the mansion, “Johnny” calls the judge to thank him for finding his father guilty. He hopes he sends him away for a long time. After hanging up, JoDevil chuckles. Belle brings EJ a suit to a room at the courthouse. She feels like she let him down, but he knows he was too arrogant … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: Johnny’s Movie Producer Is Paulina’s Ex, Ray

Craig and Nancy wake up cuddling in bed. Nancy says that she has missed this. He too. They kiss. She regrets having doubted him. He assures her that there is no need to apologize or for her to feel insecure. She is wonderful and kind and makes him laugh. Nancy appreciates that, but she needs … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail Connects the Kristen/Sarah Mask Dots, and EJ Is Found Guilty

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander pulls “Sarah” into an embrace. “Thank God you’re all right,” he says. “Thank God.” “Sarah” jumps back, telling him to get off her. In fact, she wants nothing to do with him. When Xander asks for a minute alone with “Sarah,” Maggie pulls him into the hallway. Gwen, as Sarah, … Read more

Days of Our Lives Recap: The Devil Possesses Johnny on New Year’s Eve

Chanel finds Johnny sick in the mansion bed. He doesn’t think it’s a lot of fun tonight, so he suggests you go ahead without him. She will not leave her new husband there alone on New Years and snuggle with him. After Chanel offers her a hot drink, they talk about Allie’s disapproval of their … Read more