What Nintendo’s latest gaming success says about Switch’s enduring appeal

Nintendo Thursday announced that sales of new games in Pokemon’s newest mainline entries, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, for the Switch console had surpassed 10 million in three days since their global launch on November 18. That’s the highest figure for a game’s debut in Nintendo’s history, setting a new record for the Kyoto-based Japanese … Read more

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gets Massive New Overview Trailer

Hard as it might be to believe, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set to release on Nintendo Switch at the end of this week. In celebration of the ninth Pokemon generation, Nintendo has released an overview trailer that should give viewers an idea of ​​what to expect from the game. At more than five minutes … Read more

Who Is Greavard the Ghost Dog Pokémon? Greavard the Ghost Dog Pokémon Explained

As we rapidly approach November 18th, the release date for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Nintendo has been feeding us the most delightful breadcrumbs of information here and there. Sometimes it’s about the gameplay, other times it’s about the world of Paldea itself. The best ones, however, are the ones that reveal new Pokemon to us, … Read more