Some Justice Department officials chafe at silence on Mar-a-Lago search

Attorney General Merrick Garland has tightly limited the Justice Department’s public statements about investigations, particularly the sprawling January 6 criminal probe and especially anything having to do with the former president. The FBI search Monday at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, tied to a criminal investigation into the handling of classified information, was partly engineered to avoid … Read more

US Justice Department charges Iranian with trying to assassinate John Bolton

The alleged plot was “likely in retaliation” for the January 2020 US air strike that killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Justice Department said. After the strike, leaders of the terrorist organization vowed “revenge against Americans” for Soleimani’s death and publicly lashed out against then-President Donald Trump and other high-ranking … Read more

FBI’s search of Trump’s Florida estate: Why now?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI’s unprecedented search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence ricocheted around government, politics and a polarized country Tuesday along with questions as to why the Justice Department — notably cautious under Attorney General Merrick Garland — decided to take such a drastic step. Answers weren’t quickly forthcoming. Agents on Monday … Read more

Ilhan Omar will win Democratic nomination for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, CNN projects

Omar, who is running for a third term in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, held off a primary challenge from former Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels and three other Democratic primary candidates, CNN projects. Omar beat back a well-funded primary rival in 2020, but Samuels, a moderate, entered the race with higher name recognition in the … Read more

Primary election: Trump’s pick will win Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial nomination, CNN projects

CNN — Donald Trump’s chosen candidate for governor in Wisconsin will win the GOP nomination, CNN projects, underscoring the former President’s clout among Republican primary voters in the latest contest in which he and former Vice President Mike Pence were on opposite sides – and the first since the FBI Search for Trump’s Florida resort. … Read more

Four takeaways from the Wisconsin, Vermont and Minnesota primaries

In Minnesota, meanwhile, Rep. Ilhan Omar, a member of the progressive “squad,” survived a surprisingly close contest for her Minneapolis-based House seat. In Vermont, state Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint is on a path to become the first woman to represent the state in Congress. And in Connecticut, Gov. Ned Lamont and Sen. Richard … Read more

Mike Pompeo meets with January 6 committee

CNN — Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with the House January 6 committee on Tuesday, according to panel member Rep. Zoe Lofgren. The California Democrat confirmed CNN’s earlier reporting that Pompeo would be deposed by the committee, according to a source familiar with the matter. CNN has previously reported on Pompeo’s negotiations with … Read more

Appeals court says House can obtain Trump’s taxes from the IRS

The 3-0 ruling from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals is a blow to Trump, who has argued for years in court against releasing his tax returns to any investigators. A trial-level judge he appointed while president previously rejected his arguments in the case. The appeals court said the mandate in the case would be … Read more

Biden signs bill boosting US chip manufacturing as he kicks off victory lap

The CHIPS and Science Act will invest more than $200 billion over the next five years in a bid to help the US regain a leading position in semiconductor chip manufacturing. It is aimed at countering China’s growing economic influence, lowering the cost of goods, making the US less reliant on foreign manufacturing and mitigating … Read more

Alex Jones’ texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says

The messages were handed over to the committee by Mark Bankston, the attorney who represented two Sandy Hook parents who successfully sued Jones in Texas and won nearly $50 million in a civil trial that concluded last week. Bankston would only tell CNN that he is “cooperating with the committee.” The select committee declined to … Read more