Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Struggles with Brooke’s Lie about CPS Call

In Ridge’s living room, Walter panics at the idea that anyone would ever find out that he played the recording. Thomas and Ridge assure him no one will find out. Ridge can’t believe it was Brooke. Thomas recaps that she even said her name of her. “Your wife called Child Protective Services on me. She’s … Read more

Young & Restless Recap: Diane Finds the Mystery Man in Her Suite

At Society, Sally arrives and looks at Nick. She walks in and he looks up. She smiles and he gets up to pull out her seat from her. He’s really glad she said yes to this. Sally always loves to have dinner with a colleague. “There’s so much to discuss.” Chelsea is brooding at Crimson … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Brooke Warns Taylor to Stop Steffy’s Sabotage

At Brooke’s place, she’s leaving Ridge a message on the phone saying she missed him last night and noting he left early this morning. Hope creeps in as she disconnects and asks what happened last night. Brooke says, “Steffy happened.” Hope asks what that means. Brooke relays that he didn’t come home in time for … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Hope Warns Steffy About Interfering in Brooke’s Marriage

At Forrester Creations, Steffy goes on about her father’s love for her mother. She learned that in a moment the person you love can be taken away and she ca n’t understand why Ridge wastes his time on someone who constantly hurts him. “Have the life you deserve, dad. Have it with mom.” Ridge feels … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Taylor Kisses Ridge, Sheila Spies on Finn and Steffy

At the cliff house, Steffy kisses Finn, who says Amelia has the kids and they’re having a blast. They go over him meeting his mom for lunch. Steffy’s expression changes when he says he’s never appreciated her more than her. Steffy’s relieved that when he speaks of his mom he means Li — Sheila is … Read more

Young & Restless Recap: Adam Tells Sally Why He Dumped Her and The Truth about Ashland’s Death

At Newman Enterprises, Victor assures her proud father that she’s back on her game. He was impressed with her video conference and supports her, but warns her to be careful acquiring more companies. Victoria argues that every one of her proposed acquisitions is good business. She agrees to consult with him. Nick arrives and Victoria … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Brook Lynn and Chase Kiss as Do Carly and Drew

At Kelly’s, Trina feels Rory knows all about her, but she doesn’t know much about him. Rory admits he’s worried she may think he’s boring. She asks about what he likes to do for fun. He reveals that he’s working on a graphic novel. Trina chirps, “You are an artist!” He also admits he is … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Admits She Cut Off Her Own Toe as Deacon’s Parole Officer Arrives

In his broom closet abode, Deacon recoils and stammers, “It can’t be,” as Sheila reveals herself and purrs, “Momma’s back.” He grimaces, “Sheila,” as she lets out an evil cackle. More: Watch! How B&B transformed Sheila At the cliff house, Steffy beams as Finn enters the house shirtless and wet from surfing. They discuss the … Read more