Meghan and Kate feuded over designer Erdem Moralioglu

From catwalk to catfight. Long before the feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton made international hair-pulling headlines, the two were ready to claw each other’s eyes out—over couture, a new report reveals. In 2017, London designer Erdem Moralioglu caused a rift between the sisters-in-law when actress and fashion blogger Markle, recently engaged to Prince … Read more

Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith goes spare at the Duke of Sussex 

What in heaven’s name was Harry thinking when he wrote his terrible book? He’s utterly deluded if he seriously believes it will bring him a step nearer to reconciliation — which he claims to want — with the Royal Family. All it will do is make the gaping chasm between them unbridgeable. Gary Goldsmith is … Read more

Talk about recollections may vary! Harry and Meghan’s ‘truth’ doesn’t always match everyone else’s

A bomb has been detonated under the British monarchy and the shockwaves are still being felt around the world. Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has become the most talked about and controversial book in publishing history, smashing sales records and shattering the Royal Family. But how reliable are its sometimes shocking claims? The late Queen famously … Read more

Palace staff members sticking to claims they were bullied by Meghan Markle

Those bullying charges against Meghan Markle aren’t going anywhere. Valentine Low, author of “Courtiers: Intrigue, Ambition, and the Power Players Behind the House of Windsor,” tells Page Six exclusively that the palace aides who quit, claiming they were bullied by the “Suits” alum, are sticking to their guns . “The people I spoke to are … Read more

Prince Harry admits he was ‘EMBARRASSED’ to show Meghan his Nottingham Cottage home

Prince Harry has admitted he was ’embarrassed’ to show Meghan Markle his home, Nottingham Cottage, and revealed his future wife liked it to a ‘frat house’. In his bombshell memoir Spare, which hit shelves yesterday, the Duke of Sussex, 38, admitted that his London home – where he lived for six years – was ‘no … Read more

Prince Harry Should Be Quiet, Patti Davis, Daughter of Ronald Reagan, Warns

prince harry Has someone outside of the royal family begging him to reconsider telling all with Spare: patti davisdaughter of ronald reagan. Davis published her own memoir, The Way I See Itin 1992, which told family secrets about the former president and was considered controversial at the time of its release. Related: Prince Harry Details … Read more

Prince Harry Spare: The squabbles over parking spots in palace flat 

Harry’s squabbles over parking spots… and his complaint that he was ‘half buried’ in his palace flat: Spare reveals how he turns mundane irritations into slights Duke harbors for decades Harry was ‘assigned’ apartment ‘in the semi-basement’ by Charles and Camilla The prince tells how a friend said that it reminded him of a badger’s … Read more

ROBERT HARDMAN: To quote our late Majesty… recollections may vary

Her late Majesty nailed this book on the head before we even knew of its title — Spare — let alone of its existence. ‘Recollections may vary,’ Elizabeth II said memorably after a previous installation of the longest lament in royal history (one which shows no sign of abating three years after the Sussexes fled … Read more

Reality star, 51, who had ‘fling with toyboy’ Prince Harry when he was 21 says he’s a ‘good kisser’

A reality star and ex-lover of Prince Harry says he was a ‘good kisser and ‘clearly not a virgin’ when she met him in the wake of the Duke’s revelation in memoir Spare that he lost his virginity to a mystery woman in a field behind a pub.  In the book, which was released early … Read more

Meghan ‘kept gifts but shared them out’ while at Kensington Palace, Prince Harry reveals in memoir

Meghan ‘kept gifts but shared them out’ while at Kensington Palace, Prince Harry reveals in his explosive new memoir It is usual practice within the Royal Family to send back any unsolicited gifts Royals pay for own clothes to avoid being seen as a commercial enterprise Harry may have included admission to counteract claims she … Read more