Wagner defector sheds light on brutality in Ukraine

Oslo, Norway CNN — A former mercenary Wagner says the brutality he witnessed in Ukraine ultimately pushed him to defect, in an exclusive CNN interview on Monday. Wagner fighters were often sent into battle with little direction, and the company’s treatment of reluctant recruits was ruthless, Andrei Medvedev told CNN’s Anderson Cooper from Norway’s capital … Read more

Russia strikes Ukraine’s cities hours after Western countries pledge tanks to Kyiv

CNN — Ukraine has urged the West to get military hardware into the hands of its troops as quickly as possible, as Russia fired missiles toward Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities just hours after Germany and the US announced their plans to provide modern tanks to the country. Russia launched 55 missiles at Ukraine on … Read more

Germany and US announce plans to send tanks to Ukraine in major sign of support for Kyiv

CNN — The leaders of the United States and Germany each announced Wednesday they will send contingents of tanks to Ukraine, reversing their longstanding trepidation at providing Kyiv with offensive armored vehicles and unleashing powerful new tools in Ukraine’s efforts to retake territory seized by Russia. The announcement by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that he … Read more

High-ranking Russian officials are defecting. This man is aiding them

CNN  —  Vladimir Osechkin says he was walking toward his dining room table, plates of spaghetti for his children in his hands, when he spotted the red laser dancing across the wall. He knew what was coming. Slamming off the lights, he says he and his wife pulled their children to the ground, hurrying out … Read more

Inside the US and German standoff over sending tanks to Ukraine

Washington CNN — The Biden administration is stuck in a standoff with Germany over whether to send tanks to Ukraine ahead of a key meeting of Western defense leaders in Germany on Friday. In recent days, German officers have indicated they won’t send their Leopard tanks to Ukraine, or allow any other country with the … Read more

Taiwan: War game simulation suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at a huge cost to US, Chinese and Taiwanese militaries

CNN — A Chinese invasion of Taiwan in 2026 would result in thousands of casualties among Chinese, United States, Taiwanese and Japanese forces, and it would be unlikely to result in a victory for Beijing, according to a prominent independent Washington think tank, which conducted war game simulations of a possible conflict that is concerning … Read more

Putin avoids Russia blame game — for now — after Ukraine attack

CNN — It was New Year’s Eve, one of the most cherished holidays in Russia. The recruits in President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine – hundreds of them mobilized just months ago – were ticketed in makeshift barracks, a vocational school in the occupied city of Makiivka, in the Donetsk region. Next door was a … Read more

Ukraine: Kyiv dismisses Putin’s call for ceasefire as ‘hypocrisy’

CNN — Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his defense minister to implement a temporary ceasefire in Ukraine for 36 hours this week to allow Orthodox Christians to attend Christmas services, according to a Kremlin statement Thursday. But the proposal was swiftly dismissed as “hypocrisy” by Ukrainian officials. Putin’s order came after the leader of … Read more

Makiivka strike: Russia says its own troops’ cell phone use caused Ukrainian strike

CNN — A rare public blame game has broken out between the Russian government and some pro-Kremlin leaders and military experts, after Moscow appeared to blame its own soldiers’ use of cell phones for a Ukrainian strike that killed at least 89 troops on New Year’s Day. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that “the … Read more

Latest news LIVE: Won’t bother PM with state’s dues now, says Mamata

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said she will not bother Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the state’s financial dues in his moment of personal grief as he lost his mother last week. Banerjee on several occasions has written to Modi requesting him to clear the MGNREGA dues of the state government. “I … Read more