Andor Was Ready to Drop Star Wars’ First F-Bomb

screenshot: lucasfilm One thing that always confused me about Andor was why Fiona Shaw—a Shakespearean actor extraordinaire and multiple award-winning star of stage, screen, and TV—would have accepted the small, muted role of Maarva Andor, Cassian’s adoptive mother. That is, until I saw the series finalewhere Shaw’s massive talents were put to perfect use—well, almost … Read more

Tony Gilroy Talks Post-Credits Scene, Season 2

picture: lucasfilm It doesn’t feel like that long ago that the idea of ​​Diego Luna’s Rogue One characters Cassian Andor getting a solo series felt strange. But over the past two months and change, Andor has proven itself to be a pretty great show. Not just “great for Star Wars,” but legitimately great in a … Read more

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

screenshot: lucasfilm So much has happened to the Star Wars franchise in the last 14 years that it can be difficult to remember that the new canon actually began with Dave Filoni’s Clone Wars cartoon. It was retroactively added into Disney’s new Star Wars stories by virtue of being a pretty good show helmeted by … Read more

A Perfectly Andor Star Wars Reveal

Andor (Diego Luna) looks towards his future. picture: lucasfilm As the final credits rolled on what has been some of the best Star Wars of all timeyou almost didn’t want to see Andor do anything that might be considered derivative of modern blockbuster entertainment. No big cameos, no huge surprises, just good old-fashioned storytelling. But … Read more

Endgame’ Moment That Changed His Life

Ever since exploding onto the screen as Moses, a teen gang leader who saves his South London council estate from an alien invasion in Attack the Block, John Boyega’s star power has been undeniable. That’s what made his sidelining in the Star Wars sequel trilogy so frustrating. Despite beating out Tom Holland for the lead … Read more

‘Star Trek’ actor Simon Pegg slams ‘Star Wars’ fans as ‘toxic’

The toxicity is strong with this fandom. “Star Trek” actor Simon Pegg slammed fans of the “Star Wars” franchise for being “the most toxic fandom” Wednesday after being asked which franchise — out of “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” — had the hardest fans to please, reported Mediaite. Pegg — who had stopped … Read more

Disney+ Releases Light & Magic Trailer

Younger generations of movie fans might take for granted the variety of impressive visual effects that are on display in contemporary films, most of which were made possible by the innovations of Industrial Light & Magic. The new documentary series Light&Magic will chronicle the achievements and challenges of the visual effects house, which was created … Read more

What Will The Legacy Of The ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Be?

It’s been, roughly, two and a half years since the last starwars movie. In the history of starwars release schedules, this is not a very long time. The longest gap was the 16 years in between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace. Right now, we aren’t even quite at the previously customary three … Read more

Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Movie Anniversaries: Spring 2022

Iconic films abound in this round of film anniversaries.Image: Various Birthdays come every year, but since your favorite films only celebrate landmark anniversaries every so often, we like to acknowledge them here at io9. And so, just as we did last year, every few months we’re going to let you know which major sci-fi, fantasy, … Read more